I. Preface: 

Hardware Level Encryption LACIE Series Three Anti-Mobile Hard Drives Available

Traditional mechanical hard disks have always been easy to damage, especially when the hard disk is being read and written. The distance between the magnetic head and the hard disk is less than 0.1 micron. The sudden collision will cause the hard disk head to run at high speed. Hard discs, scratching discs and making it difficult to repair bad sectors.

Even when the power is not on, falling from a height or a strong impact can cause damage to the hard disk.

Based on the above reasons, major hard disk manufacturers have successively introduced three more security hard disks. At this year's CES, Seagate released the LACIE Rugged SECURE series of mobile hard drives with a maximum capacity of 2TB, IP54-rated dust and splash protection, 1.2m drop resistance, and AES-256 hardware-level encryption for more secure data.

We got LACIE Rugged SECURE 2T, which will be tested in various aspects.

The LACIE Rugged SECURE 2T parameters are as follows:

It is worth mentioning that LACIE 2TB uses USB 3.0 Type-C interface, supports lightning 3 standards, and has good compatibility with PC and MACBOOK.

Appearance: Palm Hard Disk with Silver Metal Shell

The front of the main body of the hard disk is printed with LACIE LOGO. The outer shell of the hard disk is made of silver metal abrasive. A four-corner protruding silica gel sleeve is sheathed on the outside, which enhances the anti-falling performance of the hard disk.

Performance evaluation: 130MB/s mechanical hard disk with moderate rules in reading and writing

In order to fully test the performance of hard disk, four test software are used to test, namely Crystal Disk Info, AS SSD Benchmark, HD Tune, ATTO Disk Benchmark.

Through CrystalDiskInfo software, the hard disk information of this product can be roughly understood. The speed of LaCie Rugged SECURE 2TB disk is 5400 rpm, which supports self-monitoring and analysis and reporting technology, advanced power management, free fall protection and other technologies.

2. ASSSDBenchmark Data Transfer Test

Since mechanical hard disk latency and random read and write capabilities are far less than SSDs, only the sequential read and write speeds of LACIE 2TB are tested here. AS SSD Benchmark reads 130.8MB/s and writes 129.2MB/s, which is quite satisfactory.

3, HD Tune test

HD Tune tests the highest reading speed of 140 MB/S, the lowest reading speed of 60 MB/S, the average reading speed of 105 MB/S, the rate fluctuation in an acceptable range.

4. ATTO Disk Benchmarks Performance Test

The results of ATTO Disk Benchmarks show that the reading speed is above 130 MB/S from 8K, but when writing 8MB files, the speed is only 76 MB/S. Repeated testing is the same. It should be caused by the tight built-in cache when writing large amounts of data.

Fourth, three-proof test: Can the cruel three-proof test LACIE stand the test?

After data performance testing, let's use various rigorous three-proof tests to see if LACIE is as reliable as propaganda.

  1. Splash-proof test.
  2. 1.2 m height free fall test.

After several rounds of anti-splash and drop tests, we reconnected LACIE 2TB to the computer, which can be recognized normally, formatted smoothly under Windows, and the hard disk is still in good condition.

5. Summary:

Fair and Practical Three-proof Hard Disks

From the above test, we can see that LACIE 2TB is still intact after rigorous three-proof test, which proves that it can cope with the harsh working environment. It has 130MB/S read and write speed and 2TB level capacity, which can fully meet the needs of memory speed and capacity when recording 4K video.

An ordinary 2TB mobile hard disk can be bought for less than 600 yuan, but the valuable data of the hard disk is invaluable. When you want to save some relatively important data in the mobile hard disk, LACIE Rugged SECURE with super protection capability is necessary. Data recovery Seagate external hard drive is very troublesome, so the security of hard disk is the most important.

Compared with the 2TB solid-state mobile hard disk, which sells for more than 4000 RMB, the price of LACIE 2TB for only 140 US dollars is no doubt quite attractive. Besides, it has all the lost data recovery functions that SSD does not have. For users with limited budget and pursuing high security, LACIE series is a more realistic choice than SSD.

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